The specialty sports car and race team Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus plans to build a new assembly plant in Connecticut next 004 and 006 road sports cars.

The new facility has been added to its factory Sleepy Hollow, NY, where SCG carries a personal collection of cars and the final meeting of 003, but it is possible to build only one vehicle per month, said Jessie Glichenhaus, founder and director of the director and film director James Glyganahus. The firm is approaching at the end of this month at a 45-minute drive from Senep Halo to close the new airport at a small airport in Danbury.

Email Autoblog"We are building this space so that in the end we can build 15 cars a week (though we will not be for a few years) and we are building a factory for 50 cars per year."

Customers will be able to easily navigate the plane and taxi to the factory at the factory. "The main building is a rounded building that was originally built for giant revolving tournaments in restaurants or skyscrapers, where trains need to be needed," he wrote. "There is also a small 4-bay garage that shows cars and contains offices and conference halls." According to him, the company plans to ecologically clean and construct the object, completely solar panels and batteries.

Earlier this year, the National Motor Traffic Safety Administration awarded the company status to a low-volume manufacturer, which would enable him to allow up to 325 cars in the US to be allowed to be released and some of the regulations will be required to carry larger volumes of automobiles. The company is currently building its cars in Turin, Italy.

004 is a mid-engine, central seat sports car that is available in the jazz form of the GT 004S, carbon fiber three-seater and the 004CS, 004C racing road version powered by Nissan GT-R 3.8-liter twin-turbo V6 Version. Presumably, from the end of 2019, the new plant starts with more than 800 engine engines LT5 engine with 650-hp LT4 engine, both automatic or automatic pedal shifters Motor1.

006, at the same time, retro in the 1960s, a two-storey reiter that runs 650 horsepower and starts around 250,000 dollars. The company first announced 003 Supercar in the Geneva 2015, and is scheduled to reopen the Baja Boot off-roader with 5.0 liter V8, reported in California.

Here's a little more color that Jesse Glenhaus shared Autoblog:

We are a small company that is nothing more than a kidnapping. Jim and I dream of dreaming that it's crazy and impossible in the world (let's create a clean race car on the road that is better than the market, let's build a car in the United States to compete in 24 hours Le Mans for 1st Common, let's build a road to a legal car that can drive California Baja, race Baja 1000 and drive home, let's build a car on the ground the race 24 hours of Nurburgring and the first competitive total). Then we both go and it will happen. My main job is to get my dad to find out how to make this dream and adventures happen.

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