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If you compare a high school test to a contest or War, then you will surpass and overcome yourself. Embark on the examination room, not only knowledge and skills, but also your psychological quality and resilience.

Every time there is an exam, there are always some questions that are easy for candidates to fall into the misunderstanding of thinking, as well as the usual error-prone points that make the candidates lose points. How to reduce the mistakes in the chemistry exam so that you can do it without losing points? This article will help you sort out the coping strategies and precautions in the chemistry exam based on the characteristics of the subject.

Note the answer method

1. Do the order of the questions: Do it in the order of the title.

1. Don’t see which one is familiar or feel that you will do it first. This kind of memory answer will often be ignored. The problem is a mistake with the nuances of the previous topic.

2. Note the wrong effect of question 1. Some candidates’ questions are often easy to make mistakes because the nervousness of the test has not been eliminated, and the rush is causing the problem to be unclear and wrong. To get the test paper, you should first browse the page number, title quantity and question type of the whole test paper, and then start the answer after the emotion is stable.

3. The problem distribution of multiple-choice questions and fill-in-the-blank questions is generally difficult to difficult, so there will be difficult problems in each type of question (this is normal, don’t be flustered). If you are stuck in a problem, you can temporarily put it down, make a good mark, first do the following questions, and then consider these questions after making a complete test paper. At this time, thinking has entered a good situation, and the brain hole is wide open, and it may be difficult to solve the problem. It is.

Two. Answer strategy: Effectively review questions, carefully answer questions, and carefully check

1. When you are reviewing questions, you need to figure out what is known and what is required. Circle the keywords when reading the topic. For example: substance, condition, change, quantity (excess, moderate, small amount), right or wrong, increase or decrease, order, certain or not, and so on.

2. Chemical terminology specification when answering questions, the analysis is meticulous and in-depth, and the language narrative is in place. For example, when analyzing the causes of experimental phenomena, the chemical rationale of change should be explained, instead of repeating the phenomenon in its own language. When answering the phenomenon caused by pressure, it must be pointed out after the chemical theory. There must be a subject when narrating.

3. Be patient and be cautious when checking. It is not necessary to check in order from front to back. It is recommended to check the basic fill-in, calculate, select, and finally check the comprehensive questions.

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Tip Solution Tips

1. Multiple choice questions

1. Be sure to read all four options, and carefully judge each option before deciding to answer.

2. Mark the correctness and error of each option with “√” and “×”.

3. When there are two conditions in the title, don’t miss the second condition.

4. If you have a knowledge point that you don’t know clearly, don’t judge the error easily. Determine it in the other three options and take the exclusion method.

5. If there are options for mass-to-mass ratio and stoichiometry in the micro-model map, it must be written according to the chemical equations. Note that when counting the number of molecules in the reaction, the number of remaining molecules (still in the graph after the reaction) is deducted.

6. When the selection calculation problem is not actively calculated, the substitution method can be used to solve the problem.

7. Multiple questions in the multiple-choice questions, in addition to miscellaneous questions, image questions, and material change block diagrams, the ability requirements are relatively high, and it is also a common type of questions in the senior high school entrance examination, with its question-type characteristics and analytical skills. Please click on the link to refer to the relevant review topics of Wenxin Teacher (1. Review of the senior high school entrance examination: I am also a pure; 2. Review of the senior high school entrance examination: practice your “eyes of fire”; 3. Review of the senior high school entrance examination: “changing” should be changed; 4. Exam review: Are you still worried about the “curve”?).

8. When the calculation of equations in the calculation problem is complicated or even impossible to calculate, it is necessary to consider the conservation method. Such a question is out, this is the finale of the selection. Using the calculation method of the conservation method, please click on the link (the exam for the senior high school exam: a winning phrase “conservation”).

Two. Non-choice questions

1. The writing of chemical symbols should conform to the upper and lower case specifications. For example, the writing of element symbols conforms to the principle of “one big and two small”; when writing pH, it should be “before and after big”. Do not write typos in the name, pay attention to typo, such as tongs, catalyst, distillation, saturation, etc.

2. Answers, for example, when the acid in the human gastric juice is _______, it is clear whether the serial number given by the question is a chemical symbol or a name. When the drug being filled is a mixture, the substance name should be answered, such as clarified lime water, dilute hydrochloric acid, and not Ca(OH)2, HCl (unless the title requires a chemical formula).

3. Selecting a blank fill can fill in more than one option, and each item must be carefully considered and cannot be missed.

4. When writing chemical equations, don’t forget the trim, conditions, precipitation or gas symbols. In particular, according to the chemical equation written by the information, the conditions are written according to the information prompts. After the trimming, the number of atoms before and after the reaction is checked one by one.

5. When answering the experimental operation questions, you should have the stereoscopic thinking of the experiment (as if you are experimenting with yourself) and describe the operation process truthfully. For the purpose of controlling the rate of oxygen production in hydrogen peroxide, (using a separatory funnel device) the specific operation should be carried out ______.

6. The calculation question should conform to the format of the question. Equation calculations should list processes such as proportionals, results, and answers; units must be brought into operation; strive to calculate accurately and retain decimals as required.

7. Inferring the problem First, find the breakthrough, which is the substance and reaction that can be seen at a glance according to the phenomenon or composition, and then push or reverse according to the inferred substance. If the inference is blocked, it is necessary to flexibly replace other substances that meet the requirements. The substances and reactions involved in the inference are common in junior high school chemistry, and do not use uncommon substances. Be sure to pass the verification after the conclusion is reached.

8. The experimental inquiry question is a deeper research and development of the junior high school experiment. The experimental conclusion may break through the limitations of junior high school chemistry. The answer must be based on the experimental phenomenon in the topic and combined with the given information. To get the conclusion, you can’t use the original memory content against the experimental facts, and you should be flexible.

9. The process of industrial process questions is novel and the volume of the topic is large. The first time you can read the questions roughly, get the raw materials and products from the stems, get the preparation process from the block diagram, and understand the available content from the data. Then intensively read the questions according to the questions to be answered, you can read them several times, and then accurately answer them in place (the industrial process itself is more complicated, even if the process does not understand, it does not matter if it does not affect the problem). For a comprehensive and accurate solution to the industrial process questions, please click on the link (Compulsory Review: Decryption “Industrial Process Questions”).

Emotional stability, careful review, answer specifications, carefully check, do these things, you can have extraordinary performance!

I hope you are successful!

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