[Sensor] Samsung Galaxy S9 exclusive image sensor for external sales

Author: DIGITIMES Lin Yiling

[ Sensor] Samsung Galaxy S9 exclusive image sensor for external sales

Samsung Electronics (Samsung Electronics) DS division chief Jin Qinan revealed that the Galaxy S9 uses Samsung’s exclusive development of CMOS image sensor (CIS) It can be sold externally. Samsung has kept its own key components to maintain product differentiation. Now it has turned to an open strategy and attracted industry attention.

The Korean media daily economic report pointed out that Jin Qinan said at the MWC 2018 meeting that the Galaxy S9’s Super Slo-motion photography technology is backed by Samsung’s own CIS components. In the future, if customers have demand, they are willing to take the components to the market for sale.

The dynamic ultra-slow-motion photography of 960 frames per second is one of the selling points of the Galaxy S9. Some people worry that once Samsung takes out this key component, the Galaxy S9 will be no different from the mobile phone of his factory. Galaxy S9 competitiveness, industry analysis, Jin Qinan at the expense of the flagship machine to sell the ace components, the fancy may be the benefits of expanding the market in the long run.

ISOCELL Fast 2L3 CIS is the key to stacking 3 layers of 2Gb LPDDR4 DRAM, which greatly enhances ultra-high-speed photography performance, allowing Galaxy S9 to support ultra-slow motion photography and 1/120 second ultra-high speed photography. Sony also introduced it earlier. The DRAM approach introduces similar CIS products that support ultra-high-speed photography.

The industry believes that Jin Qinan’s move coincides with Samsung’s recent strategy of opening up from product development to sales. Samsung’s 2018 business strategy is to promote various open programs to ensure diversification and create customers. Out of the friendly research ecosystem of Samsung.

Related people pointed out that in the past, it is absolutely impossible for Samsung to sell the key components that are the high-end function of the Galaxy mobile phone. Now Samsung is actively promoting various open strategies in order to continue high growth and strengthen the global customer network.

In addition to the main business, Samsung also strengthened the structure of the board. The relationship believes that the Samsung Group’s 80th anniversary, shouting the new Samsung’s corporate value slogan, comes in a series of actions, it can be seen Samsung’s intention to create an open ecosystem is strong.

[Sensor] Samsung Galaxy S9 exclusive image sensor for sale