Shantou Town People’s Government publicly recruits 42 contract staff

The town people's government publicly recruits 42 contract staff

according to the needs of the work and the “outside the Shantou Town” The relevant provisions of the Contract System Staff Management System have been decided by the Shantou Town Party Committee Government. The town plans to openly recruit 42 contract staff for the society. The relevant matters are announced as follows:

1. Recruitment Principles

Adhere to the principle of “openness, equality, competition, and merit” and standardize the recruitment procedures.

Second, the number of recruiters

There are 42 staff members to be employed in the contract, including 4 staff members of the Planning Office, 2 staff members of the Finance Office, and 18 nursing staff in the nursing home. There are 8 staff members in the resettlement area, 1 home care service administrator, 1 chef, 4 environmental protection supervision administrators and 4 other department staff. In the recruitment process, if the number of applicants is less than 1:2, the number of positions can be appropriately reduced.

III. Conditions and Requirements for Recruitment Objects

(1) Applicants should have the following conditions:

1. Comply with the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China and relevant laws and regulations, have good political qualities and moral conduct, and have no violations of laws and regulations;

2. Willing to perform job duties and assume the responsibilities of hiring personnel;

3. Meet the qualifications required by the position;

4. Good health and good looks.

(2) Those who do not have the following qualifications:

1. Political quality and moral quality are poor. They do not support, implement, or even contradict the party’s line, principles, policies, and decisions of party committees and governments;

2. Suspected violations of law and discipline are under investigation;

3. In the past five years, he has violated family planning, land management policies or disciplinary action by the party;

4. Organize or participate in collective petitions and cross-level petitions, causing adverse effects;

5. Have been subjected to administrative detention and criminal detention;

6. Not suitable for work due to physical or other reasons.

(3) Job requirements:

1. Recruitment target: Fresh graduates and other social personnel;

2. Age requirements:

(1) Planning office staff, financial staff, and other department staff

members, home care service administrators: under 35 years old ( (born after January 1, 1983);

(2) Environmental Protection Supervisor: Under 35 years of age (January 1, 1983), with environmental protection expertise For those with intermediate titles or above, or in the grassroots environmental protection departments, towns (streets, parks), enterprises and institutions engaged in environmental protection work and emergency management for more than 3 years, the age can be relaxed to below 45 years of age (born after January 1, 1973) ;

(3) Chef: 45 years old and below (born after January 1, 1973);

(4) Staff of the nursing home, staff at the place: 45 years old or younger (1973

born after January 1 of the year), with relevant work experience, the age can be appropriately relaxed.

3. Education and professional requirements:

(1) Staff of other departments: college degree or above, no specialties;

(2) Planning Office staff: junior college and Above degree, college degree (urban and rural planning and management, architectural design, civil construction), undergraduate (architectural, civil), postgraduate (architectural, urban and rural planning, civil engineering).

(3) Financial staff: college degree or above, college degree (financial accounting, finance and taxation), bachelor degree (financial, business management, accounting and auditing), Postgraduate degree (business administration limited accounting, business management limited financial management).

(4) Environmental Protection Supervisor: College degree or above, with professional knowledge related to environmental protection, undergraduate degree or above under the same conditions; environmental science, environmental engineering, safety engineering, water quality science And environmental protection related majors such as technology, environmental science and engineering, environmental monitoring, environmental monitoring and treatment technology, ecology, applied chemistry, atmospheric science and technology, water supply and drainage engineering, hydrology and water resources engineering, law and other disciplines (the above majors are graduated in 2018) Health) Priority is given under the same conditions;

(5) Chef: High school and above, with more than 2 years relevant work experience;

(6) Staff of the nursing home, place Staff: Unlimited academic qualifications;

(7) Home Care Service Administrator: College degree or above, with junior social work and above qualifications.

4. Candidates need to be well-rounded, healthy, and under the same conditions, veterans and motorists with motor vehicles (including motorcycles) are preferred; environmental protection supervisors can adapt to work under difficult conditions, and positions require night inspections and emergency guards. .

Fourth, recruitment process

(1) Registration time

Registration time is August 13th to August 16th, 2018 Day (4 working days), morning: 8:30-12:00, 14:30-17:30, no longer accepted.

(2) Registration method

1. Registration place: Organizing the publicity office on the first floor of the People’s Government Building, Shantou Town, Conghua District, Guangzhou, Tel: 020-87878148.

2. Registration requirements and materials:

1 When you register, you must submit the relevant information to the designated place to register on the spot. If the conditions do not match, you will not be registered.

2 When you register, you must submit your ID card, residence booklet, diploma, academic qualification report (no need to verify in technical secondary school or high school), family planning certificate issued by the family planning department or copy of family planning service certificate. (According to the regulations, the annual review is valid, need to copy the annual review page), the veteran certificate (copy of all the original materials), the non-criminal record certificate issued by the public security organ of the household registration (provided in the qualification review stage), the work experience Proof and relevant qualification certificates, if there is a work unit, you must issue a certificate that the unit agrees to apply for the examination. New graduates must obtain a diploma before July 31, 2018.

3 I need to submit one of my recent color-free, one-inch photos.

3. According to the application form and relevant information provided by the candidates, the staff will conduct qualification examination according to the conditions of the recruitment. In the recruitment process, once the candidates are found to be ineligible for the recruitment conditions or the information provided is inconsistent with the facts, the candidate’s qualifications will be terminated immediately.

(3) Test Method

1. Planning Office staff, financial office staff, other department staff, environmental protection supervisors, and home care service administrators

The test is conducted in a combination of written test and interview. Total score= written test score × 40%+ interview score × 60%, the written test score is 100 points, and the interview score is 100 points.

(1) Written test:

1 The specific time and place will be notified separately.

2Exam content: Mainly test the comprehensive quality of the candidates and related business skills.

(2) Interview:

1 Determine the interview target: according to the candidate’s written test scores from high to low, according to the number of candidates to be recruited 1:3 according to the level of written test results.

2 Details of the time and place will be announced separately.

3 Interview content and proposition preparation: Take the form of structured interview, the principle of proposition adheres to the principle of moderate and appropriate, easy to score and confidentiality.

2. Chef

The test is conducted in the form of a skill test. The test score is 100 points. The test method, test time and location are subject to further notice.

3. Retirement staff and placement staff

Exams are conducted in an interview format with a maximum score of 100 points.

1 Specific information such as time and place will be announced separately.

2 Interview content and proposition preparation: Take the form of interview and related business skills test. The proposition principle adheres to the principle of moderate and appropriate, easy to score and confidentiality.

(4) Physical examination

After the interview, the candidate’s total score will be determined according to the ratio of the number of candidates to be recruited: A list of medical examiners and notified to the designated hospital for a medical examination. If the medical examination does not meet the requirements or the qualification for hiring is abandoned, according to the vacancy quota, the total score of the examination shall be replenished in equal amount according to the circumstances.

(5) Political review

According to the relevant regulations and requirements of the “Management System for Foreign Contracts of Shantou Town” in our town, the candidates for medical examinations are qualified. The family planning and criminal records shall be reviewed. If any fraud or non-qualification conditions are found, the qualifications for employment shall be cancelled. The resulting vacancy, according to the total score of the candidates, from the high score to the low score in turn equals the candidates for medical examination and investigation.

(6) Publicity

According to the written test, interview, physical examination and investigation, the person to be recruited is determined, and on the website of the People’s Government of Shantou Town, the public column, The WeChat public number was announced for 5 days. During the publicity period, the supervisory report phone number was announced and the supervision of the masses was accepted.

(7) Hiring

1. According to the “Labor Contract Law” and the “Management System for the Management of Foreign Workers in the Shantou Town”, the “Labor Contract” was signed and the “Five Risks and One Gold” was purchased.

2. Salary: Refer to the treatment of five-level contract staff in our town.

3. The hiring personnel must obey the work arrangements of the town party committee and the government.

4. The matters not covered in this announcement are explained by the People’s Government of Shantou Town.

The People’s Government of Shantou Town, Conghua District, Guangzhou

August 7, 2018