VISION RS sketch on 01 730x461 Skoda Vision RS revealed in official sketches

Like the new CODE VRS, Skoda decided to give us the first concept with a new concept. Debut debut at the 2018 Paris Motor Show, Skoda Vision RS is a dynamic concept under which the brand is headed for design and performance.

And a good place where they are guided. Skoda Vision RS is a hybrid modifier port for the modules. It consists of 1.5-liter TSI, 150 PS and 102 PS electric motors. It's good that from 0: 62 to 62 cm, and CO2 emissions do not exceed 33 g / km. Moreover, the system offers a 43-mile zero-emission electric motor. As for the battery, the lithium-ion unit has a 13 kW temperature, available in 2.5 hours by cable.

Skoda Vision RS Exposed Sketches at VISION RS Sketch Outdoor 02 730x340

And then there is a design. Skoda has been steadily improving their style of game over the past few years. Every new model was a bit better than before. Now all these improvements are climaxed by Skoda Vision RS, which has a hard-to-fault design. Of course, if Skodas's angle is not your thing, you do not want it to be so. But we think it looks cool and sporty. Czech brands have one more step.

As a concept, Skoda Vision RS offers a slightly beautiful side vis-a-vis material and technology. It is distinguished by the Xirallic crystalline spark effect of paint, black carbon elements, carbon textile from 100% recycled polyester yarn and pionette textile carbon tissue. When they behave in the model of the product, none of them will be reduced. But it's still good that Skoda can do all this.

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