Spain wants to stop petrol and diesel cars from 2040 (upgrade)

After the announcement, Britain and France announced a ban on new diesel and petrol motor vehicles by 2040, while Norway aims to use fossil fuel movable vehicles from 2025

In Spain, on Tuesday, since 2040, the new European country wants to sell new diesel and petrol cars, which will result in an effort to reduce emissions.

The Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez's government has proposed a proposal for energy transitional legislation in a draft document that calls for Spain to fully deploy the economy by 2050.

After the announcement, Britain and France vowed to prohibit new diesel and petrol cars by 2040, while Norway is aiming to leave all automobiles in the last years by 2025.

The government of Sanchez lacks a majority in the Parliament and it will support the support of other parties by law.

The plan provides for the creation of a tender fee for electric vehicles, and more than 50,000 people create "low emission zones" up to 2021, as well as in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​where the movement is limited.

"By 2050 the renewable energy system should be based only on renewable energy sources," the document says.

According to the plan, new licenses for hydrocarbon research and compounding are prohibited and subsidies that serve "fossil fuel consumption".

Sanchez said on Sunday that the climate change was "the biggest challenge globally" and added that it was necessary to "immediately and make decisions" before this "Great Silent War."

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