Suspension of suspension works on the banks of the West: Environments in the environment

New Delhi: The Ministry of Environment released the government of six countries that contributed to development activities, including the 60,000 sq.m. ecologically sensitive area of ​​mining and mountain ski resorts.

The leadership of the Ministry has received a debate after the West's controversial report K. CastryrangianWhich prohibits development activities in 37% of natural landscapes with high biological richness.

His order was issued on Wednesday in the city of Kerla, Tamar King, Gocha, Mahara and Gogita, the ministry said that "immediate effect is effective and remains in force until further orders." "Any breach of the Act (Protection) Act, 1986 shall be adopted," he said.

37% of the natural landscape identified by the 10-member high-level working group under the Kashtiri Bourgeon have low forest fragmentation, low population density and protected areas, world heritage sizes and tiger and ivory corridors ecologically sensitive area.

There are about 50 hectares of land in this area, ie, mining, mining equipment, sand mining, thermal power plants, construction and construction projects with more than 50 hectares of land. 150,000 kW and above are not permitted on these territories. The Ministry has also committed a strict ban on all the red categories that are identified as strictly contaminated.

According to the Ministry, the Castro Panel advises "intolerance policy" against highly interventional and ecologically damaged activities such as mining and polluting industrialists in the natural landscape of the western part of the "unprecedented threats" under mining and urbanization.

The CastiRigrants' conclusion was followed by heavy criticism by the western catastrophe ecology expert panel report by Madhav Gadgil. He said that he was prepared by "web-consultation" by disregarding the concerns of the local population.

The Panel of the Kasturientian Panel discussed the study of the detailed West of the Ecology Expert Panel report under the guidance of Gagidi. The Ministry said that in the nearest future a high-level committee will be able to monitor the report of the Castilian Bureau on time.