Technical posts! The installation skills of the electric car battery, eight strokes make the battery more durable!

Many times, the electric vehicle does not pay attention to the battery installation, which will cause damage to the battery and affect the battery performance. Once the cable is worn, it will cause a short circuit and cause a fire. The following electric vehicle observers summarized eight tips for installing batteries for your reference.

Technical posts! Installation skills for electric car batteries, eight Invite the battery to be more durable!

1, a set of high-quality batteries is an important factor in determining the overall performance of the electric car, so we should choose a high-quality battery, good quality, after-sales Ok, don’t buy a refurbished battery because it’s cheap.

2. Because the battery will be transported over long distances before it arrives in the store, it is inevitable that it will be bumped. Therefore, check whether the battery is damaged or leaked before installation. If the battery case is broken, it should be immediately leaked. When the battery is replaced, the acid will corrode the battery case and the connecting cable.

Technical posts! Installation skills for electric car batteries, eight Invite the battery to be more durable!

3. Connect each battery with a soldering iron wire of not less than one square, and finally leave two output terminals. ——The positive and negative poles are soldered on the two sections of the output socket. Be careful not to reverse the connection. It must correspond to the positive and negative poles on the charger.

4. When installing the battery, it should be placed upright, not inverted. At the same time, it should be shockproof, anti-pressure, and securely installed. The flame retardant material should be placed between the batteries to avoid collision and friction during use.

5, the battery will release gas, so in order to ensure safe use, the battery box for installing the battery must have a venting vent, and should not be blocked to prevent the gas generated by the battery from collecting in the battery box.

Technical posts! Installation skills for electric car battery, eight Invite the battery to be more durable!

6, the battery cable should be installed tightly, the cable can not hold the battery, the battery is not loose after installation, the battery box does not match can not be used.

7. Use a multimeter to measure the voltage of the battery output port. The actual voltage of the battery should be slightly higher than the standard voltage by 2~5V. Normally, it can be put into normal operation.

8, and finally check brake power off, commission rolling resistance before and after brake inspection, key joint active joint oil, Checking air pressure is a black hand that affects battery performance and consumes power.