The AI ​​helps us to understand the roots of religious violence

"Finally, to study AI's religion or culture, we should look at modeling human psychology because our psychology is the basis of religion and culture," says researcher Justin E. "The root causes of things like religious violence are the rest of our minds to process the information that our world submits to him."

The team was programmed in cognitive interaction with AI simulation to determine how individual beliefs match the group situation. Some AI human models were programmed to have positive experiences with other people, while some were negative or neutral clashes.

The researchers developed simulation different scenarios using human symptoms groups in different groups of sizes, involving hundreds, thousands and even millions of people. The simulation has emerged in the environment that the odds were faced by a variety of environmental threats such as natural disasters and diseases – and at some point in time.

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The study showed that people are generally peaceful, together with disasters, but it also revealed that a long period of escalation of xenophobic tensions occurs when group members deny the core belief or net values ​​of another group.

"Religious violence is not our normal behavior – in fact in our history it is quite rare," says assistant Justin Lein.

"Only when people's main faith is confronted with the systems or they think that their loyalty to their own beliefs is doubtful that anxiety and agitation take place", according to the study accompanying materials. "However, this anxiety has only been created in 20 per cent of the situation, all of which have led to people who are outside or outside the group, against the group's main perceptions and identity."

The AI ​​system was aware of two historical periods of religious violence: the Northern Ireland Conflict, which claimed more than 3,500 lives that are commonly known as "troubles"; And the 2002 Gujurat riots in India, where Hindus clashes with Muslims, kill at least 1,000 people, most of them Muslims.

The ultimate goal of the AI ​​system, researchers said, is a digital model of society that social scientists can study to escalate violence over time and how to manage such a crisis. It would be potentially capable of equipping governments with the possibility of solving problems until it was escalating.