The "baby driver" at the auction is a movie car Subaru WRX

We saw one "Baby Driver" Subaru Impreza WRX stunt cars last year for almost 70,000 dollars. It was a little bit crazy, but now for another auction that is listed on live auctions.

Just like the first, it is a red 2006 WRX Limited 2004 steering engine and rear drive drive conversion. This means that instead of a 2.0-liter four-cylinder, a 2.5-liter boxer is engine. All changes were made by All Pro Subaru, the total number of which will be received by five cars. Beyond the mods, there is an upgraded rear differential, but it's quite a lot.

If you see a "child's driver" then you know how important this machine is in the movie. The opening chase of the scene is the most iconic whole movie – we've dropped the video for him in this post unless you have seen or just have to watch the awesome driving again. It's such a wonderful scene that all are driving. Special effects or CGI did not try to be more than it actually was.

This particular car has a lot of miles: 156,477 should be precise. For WRX Various Subari, there are so many guarantees that you do not pay for repairs in time. This is a movie car, which means it is quite difficult. Just watch the movie and you will see what it was. The price of the tender proposal was $ 20,000, which is less than $ 69,100. As indicated, WRX STIs of the same heritage and similar pipe listed anywhere between $ 10,000- $ 20,000. You do not buy this car, because it's a great value, moreover, you can tell your friends that this "car" every time watching the movie. The rear wheel conversion is pretty sweet too – the more distinctive than it would otherwise be.

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