The first cosmic Trojan asteroid on the ship – NASA Ralf's next adventure

Lucius Illustration. Credits: SwRI

Ralph, one of the most well-exploited space scientists in NASA, has gone far and far: Ralph has gained pictures of Jupiter and his Moon's stunning paintings about the new horizon mission; This was followed by Pluto's visit, where Ralph received the highest definition of the first planet. And in 2021, Ralph travels to the Trojan missions of Jupiter's Trojan asteroids.

Ralph is not an impossible astronaut, he is a scientific instrument that has found many discovery because it was first launched on the new Horizon Spacecraft in 2006. The name and not the acronym, the ralph gives an opportunity to study composition and atmosphere of celestial objects.

The new horizontal ralph, which is the first plus and its lunar visit, is to be revealed in January 2014 by MU69 (nicknamed Utti Tule). In addition, the 2014 MAL Ralph's observations in this small, icy world.

Lucy Spacecraft carries near Twin of Ralph, called L & # 39; Ralph ("Lucy Ralph"). This tool will investigate the Jupiter Trojan asteroids that are in the early days of the solar system. The L & # 39; Ralph instrument set will examine this diverse group; Lucy will fly six Trojans and one major belt asteroid – over any other previous asteroid mission. L & # 39; Ralph finds the Trojan asteroids' chemical fingerprints.

Lucy mission payload will investigate the use of Trojans: Long Range Clash Imager (L & L), Thermal Emission Spectrometer (L & # 39; TES) and L & # 39; Ralph. L & # 39; LORRI will get high definition photos of Trojans and L & # 39; TES analyze the heat of the surface structures of the Trojan. L & # 39; Ralph, at the same time, allows scientists to introduce the Sun's light data, which are fingerprints of different elements and compounds. These data could have imagined how organic molecules were in the primitive organs, which could result in the formation of life on Earth.

The L & # 39; Ralph Instrument Kit has a multifunctional spectral visible image camera (MIC) and linear Etalon Imaging Spectral Array (LEISA), the original of which is the same optics, which means that Ralph can protect both the visible and infrared wavelength. This double possibilities are very special with Rally and his cousin L & Alfred, Denis Ruther, chief investigator at L & # 39; Ralph instrument. "Much of the instruments can see visual or infrared waves, but L. Ralf can do both," – said Rotter. "We're all in this little package." Nice Horizons is the instrument scientist at Rolph, New Horizon, at the Grenadier Space Flight Center.

L & # 39; Ralph should have many opportunities for a small, light body structure that keep the spacecraft effective and mission productive. "The key to designing a spacecraft is that you can save everything as much as possible," said Keith Nol, a loop project scientist, who is also located in Goder. "L & # 39; Ralph will lighten the light as the wavelength function: short wavelengths of visible light are sent in one direction and the infrared light goes in another direction and will build your picture into space.

Infrared telescopes for modern astronomy: infrared radiation, although long wavelength can be seen in people's eyes, man's heat exposure. But this infrared radiation violation is its constituent "colors" as a process known as spectroscopy where infrared instruments such as L & # 39; Ralph LEISA. Llia Ralph LEISA with Ralph MVIC's multifunctional color mapping will allow researchers to find surface compounds, including ices and minerals made from organic compounds, and in particular organic materials.

If the L & # 39; Ralph Tool Suite finds these substances, it provides information on the material that has been altered by the Earth's atmosphere and oceans from its hot and violent start.

Compared with Ralph that flashes new horizons, Lucy's L & # 39; Ralph has enhanced technology. It can detect a wide spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, which has a driving mirror that reflects light in L. Ralf, rather than the need for total space movement, and Ralph infrared detectors are 2,000 pixels, rather than a new horizontal Ralph 256 256 images.

Originally the ultraviolet spectrum of Alice, Ralph was named Ralph Kramdin's TV show "The Honeymooners" whose wife was named Alice. "Since L & # 39; Ralph uses the same concept of Ralph New Horizons when we did the proposal, we wanted to connect them," Reuter said. Born Ralfs holy.

As one Ralph reinforces Cooper's radius and prepares the Trojan asteroids for his journey, both instruments function to test the ancient bodies in our solar system. Every second part of the fly gives us many steps to answer the old question: how did we get here? Perhaps L & # 39; Ralph will help this long-awaited response.

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