The government gives Harar only $ 1m of cholera on Zimbabwe

The government has purchased $ 1 million for Harari City Council, which has been repairing or repairing damaged sewage systems in the highest density zones. The city itself, which has an open budget with respect to the program, is also located in other district teams that support the west side of the suburb.

The city also suspended the water to ensure continuous water supply of indigenous population on the background of the cholera epidemic that has claimed 25 lives so far.

In an interview with Glenview and Kuwadzana in some areas after the tourists, the operating city of Clerk Enginger Hosiah Chisango said that the city also cleansed garbage dumps in affected areas.

"The part of our reaction to the chorus stir in Harare last week went to Glenvivy, Budriere, Kouvazana and Muftakos, what we do, we are part of some of the renovation and upgrading of sewage that has collapsed," he said.