The latest research and development results of graphene: the introduction of conductive graphene concrete, the market prospect is huge!

The graphene-graphite R&D lab of Talga Resources, an Australian-based advanced materials company, recently announced an important research advancement. By adding graphene to concrete, high levels of conductivity are achieved. .

 The latest development of graphene: the introduction of conductive graphene concrete, the market prospect is huge!

Graphite-added concrete samples melted 5 cm of ice after applying a voltage of 9 V

The breakthrough of this new technology offers enormous potential for existing and emerging industrial applications. Because concrete is the most used building material in the world. Talga shared information gathered from the tests that showed that graphene reinforced concrete is highly conductive and has a volume resistivity of 0.05 ohm-cm.

Talga’s researchers say that by adding graphene, concrete adds potential “heating elements”. Current applications include: underfloor heating (replaces plumbing), anti-static flooring, EMI shielding, strain Sensor and ground/lightning protection. Conductive concrete can also be used to create environmentally friendly solid-state heating roads, as well as to enhance the potential of some critical transportation routes and airport runways to remove ice and snow, compared to the use of corrosive salts and chemical de-icing agents. In addition, conductive concrete can also be used for unlimited charging of electric vehicles.

Talga Managing Director Mark Thompson said: “The initial test results show that Talga’s graphene reinforced concrete has such high electrical conductivity that it can function like the heating element of an electric furnace. This type of concrete There are some exciting and numerous applications that can be combined with our thermally conductive concrete in some cases.

“In addition, our graphene loading is very low, but the conductivity is high, but the number of ore processing by-products is large, providing the largest cost-effective, scalable and environmentally friendly development options. Potential.”

Graphite's latest research and development results: conductive graphene concrete comes out, the market prospect is huge!

Graphite's latest developments: The conductive graphite concrete is available, and the market prospect is huge!