The Leaky component has led to the SpaceX Crew Dragon explosion

After The space shuttle program was completed in 2011, American astronauts away from the International Space Station have had a hitch ride on Russians. This is a lucrative agreement – 75 million dollars, depending on Moscow and Washington. That's why the American space program gave priority to the opening of the crew on the American soil. NASA has contributed to the efforts of SpaceX and Boeing, and both companies hope that the crew of the crew of the ISS will end up by the end of the year.

But SpaceX's ambitions appeared in April when the crew of Dragon's spacecraft exploded during his crew. NASA and SpaceX have spent the last three months studying "anomaly"; However, the investigation is underway, the company said today that he has identified a disaster.

According to Hans Koenigmsman, Vice President of SpaceX is building and reliance on flight, the explosion is the result of the allegedly impregnable component. During the test, some oxidizer that helps rocket fuel burn leaked into a pressurized tube at high speed, resulting in an explosion. In order to avoid this, SpaceX isolating these systems and replaced the types of valves that control the flow of oxidizer. This, the company says, "will ease the risk entirely."

Nowadays, SpaceX and NASA kept a close look at the investigation. In fact, the main cause of the explosion came to light as soon as it was made that Craig Bailey, the photographer Florida today, Took place near the surfing competition near the SpaceX testing facility. Bayley has captured the pleasant smell of pleasant smell from the institution, and later, as spacecraft and NASA recognized anomaly. Later, the video broke out on the video and a catastrophic explosion.

According to Koenigmsman, the explosion occurred in the crippling flight of Crew Dragon, which was used when the capsule was seized from the rocket if something went wrong. The crew's Dragon capsule has 20 small rocket engines – 12 manuals for craft space and eight for emergencies launch pad. Dragon capsule exploded only half a second before the abort thrusters shot.

NASA administrator Jim Bridtin noted last week that both the agency and the spacecraft XX would be more open about disaster. "Communication with NASA was good," Bridenstine tweeted on Saturday. "Communication with the public (tax payers) was not." He said that the new process is "as soon as possible to get information for the public", which is within a few hours of any future anomalies.

In spite of all this, the explosion was a relatively small mistake for SpaceX commercial training program. The NASA astronauts start certification is a lengthy process that SpaceX has occupied for years. In March, the company completed one of the last phases when it became impossible for the CIS capsule for the ISS to mark its autonomous motor transport station and safely return to earth. This was the same capsule that was destroyed during the explosion in the following month.

The company has several drum capsules, and once the tests are completed, the next step will be the flight termination test. It means taking the capsule from the velocity 9 missile. Koenigsmann did not say when he started to get this test, but if it goes well, SpaceX is waiting for the NASA astronaut in mid-November. According to Koenigmsman, it is "quite optimistic" that the company will start by the end of the year, but the goal is "harder".

SpaceX is a neck and neck with Boeing, which plans to launch its first Starliner Space Shuttle ISS on September 1 and launch a space station by the end of November. NASA has already selected the first four astronauts who are traveling to this crew's missions and will be the private astronauts begin to get a note. Last month, billionaire hotel Robert Bigelov said that his space company, ISS, bought four flights on ISS in the spacecraft XX and bought tickets for $ 52 million. But while SpaceX can not convince NASA's space security for astronauts, the only thing that can begin to get more burdens on space.

Updated 7-16-19, 3pm EDT: This story has been updated that SpaceX has confirmed anomaly today.

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