The McLaren GT by MSO has money-house interior and next-level paint work

Because the 2020 Geneva Motor Show is canceled, McLaren announced that it will be hosting the digital McLaren Motor Show on March 3, 2020. Livestream's main focus will be "The Next Prime Minister After the World MacLean LT Story", but the secondary car will also be shown for the first time. While this is not a new model, MSO's GT Verdant Theme is another example of what bespoke options might look like.

The McLaren GT Verdant Theme has a unique color scheme unlike any other MSO published by it. It's satin, it's three-dimensional, and it blends together, giving the GT a completely different attitude. Verdant means "green greens or other rich vegetable" or "dazzling green color of lush grass", and McLaren is 100% on this nose. McLaren says the Verdant GT "is excited about the breathtaking landscapes and new horizons that the GT has developed." The exterior combines Horsell Green, Arbor Green and Steppe Green in all the colors that make this car. The umbrella took 430 hours to prepare and paint.

For the exterior look, MSO has added hand-painted Napier Green peaks to the body and front splitter. The brake pads match Napier Green's paint, while the MSO Black Pack features dark finishes, upper window backing and exhaust tips.

Inside, McLaren claims to be the first manufacturer to use Fulmac in a supercar. The charcoal gray cashmere covers the central tunnel, door inserts, lower board, sun vents, headgear, and the upper rear of the seats. The rest of the seats and cabin are covered in Dark Green, Laurel Green and Jet Black leather, while Laurel Green piping adds an extra layer of contrast.

For those who prefer the GT's quiet presence, the MSO has previously been fitted with MSO Defined Flux Silver paint and Flux White interior. On any route, options are available, and a $ 15,000 GT luggage kit will be available to match.