The mechanism of nanostructuring mechanisms of gold-silver wells is not possible by using hay liquid cell design

Support information is free at ACS publications website: DOI: 10.1021 / acs.nanolett.8b03388.

  • Movie 1 is shown for welding AuNR (AVI)

  • Movie 2 AGB (AVI)

  • Movie 3 shows an increase in the build of a building AuNR (AVI)

  • Movie 4 is shown in Adjara and Aden (AVIN)

  • Additional TEM micrograms (color code 2c and d), additional overview of TEM micrographs and AGT-Au core particles particles and AuNRs, additional data UV-visual calibration, and radiophysic chemistry kinetic simulations of radiophysic chemistry Results (PDF)