The new BMW M8 comes in, and it is excellent!

Yes, this time was recently taken away, but Bavaria worked on the BMW M department that worked on the 8-Series M version. 2020 BMW M8 is the ultimate stages of development and we have the first positive and details here.

If you look at the new BMW M8 a little longer, look at the car. One thing is still disguised and deceptive patterns of deception. Moreover, it is based on 8 series, and we all grew accustomed to the way the car looks after the coupe and the convertible option. So yes, the aesthetics M8 did not deliver a punch one to expect a car like this. But this is not to say that it's rubbish. this is true.

To be honest, it also looks bad. BMW M8 has a lot of bulk and although he will use the material engineering and sophisticated packaging, it should still be very big. All modern security and comfortable features are available in price, except for money, price and weight. Fortunately, the M8 packages are sufficient for the equilibrium. The sports car is distinguished by the V8 engine M TwinPower Turbo, one of those sweet high-end BMW engines that can restore the full statistics. According to BMW data, the M8 is 600 horsepower.

As for the driving characteristics and how to lose weight, you will receive the MxDrive all-wheel drive system with rear wheels and 2WD mode. Obviously, this is less accelerating, but still get accurate precision. All other ordinary M goodies, such as M suspension special tune, M brakes and M differences and electronics are also present.

The new M8 will be launched next year with other options, including BMW M8 Convertible, BMW M8 Gran Coupe.

The new BMW M8 comes in, and it is excellent! First appeared in Motorward.