The preparation of the “tea industry standards and regulations” started the Phoenix tea industry to pay close attention and respond positively

A few days ago, the first domestic “tea standard and regulation” higher education planning textbook preparation work was held in the Hangzhou Tea Research Institute (China Tea House). The meeting conducted in-depth discussions on the framework of the book and the contents of each chapter and determined the preparation of the outline, and the preparation work was officially launched. Wuyishan Phoenix Tea Co., Ltd., which is a high-end Wuyi rock tea in China, is very concerned about this, because it will fill the blank of tea standards and regulations in colleges and universities in China, and make positive contributions to the sustainable and healthy development of the tea industry.

 The preparation of the

It is understood that The working meeting was chaired by the chairman of the National Tea Standardization Technical Committee, the president of the Chinese Tea Academy, and the editor-in-chief of the book Yin Wei. The preparation of “Tea Standards and Regulations” means that tea production, processing, sales, drinking and market supervision, inspection and testing, technology promotion, scientific research, and education and training of higher professional talents will all have scientific guidance. The relevant person in charge of the Phoenix tea industry said that the preparation and publication of the “Tea Standards and Regulations” is of great significance to the regulation of the tea market and the inheritance of traditional tea production techniques.

The preparation of “Tea Standards and Regulations” will provide the industry with a systematic, standardized and comprehensive knowledge of tea standards and regulations. As a representative of Chinese tea, Wuyi Rock Tea is very much looking forward to it. As Wuyishan Phoenix Tea Co., Ltd., the production company of Wuyi Tea King Miyunlong, it is more expectant to actively respond to scientific production guidance while retaining the essence of traditional crafts. Of course, Phoenix Tea has always used the most demanding The standard controls every aspect of production, from material selection to each tea, and is carefully produced and rigorously reviewed.

Certificate of authenticity of the original certificate of authenticity

The unique ecology of the Wuyiyan tea Miyunlong from the Wuyishan Scenic Spot in China The environment provides a material basis for the fresh and refreshing glycol of Wuyiyancha Miyunlong. According to the investigation of the Tea Institute of Fujian Province, the climate of the “Zhengyan” tea area in the Yankeng Gorge is more superior. The rock tea produced is more lush and elegant, and the rock of the rock is obvious. Wuyiyan tea Miyunlong is from the Wuyishan Zhengyan production area, which can be described as roots and red seedlings.

 The preparation of the

Wuyiyan tea Miyunlong selected the fine tree species that lasted for more than 300 years in the Zhengyan production area. The fresh leaves were collected from the rare Wuyi rock tea tree of 50 years old and the same as the six Wuyiyan tea mother trees. In 2008, Phoenix Tea Industry became the first batch of certification and protection enterprises in Wuyishan. The quality of Miyunlong was also recognized and widely recognized.

The masters of the non-legacy masters “Miyunlong”

Ye Qitong, the first batch of “National Intangible Cultural Heritage Wuyi Yancha Dahongpao Craftsmanship “Man has twice presided over the production of “Wuyi Rock Tea National Standard Sample”, its professional level and industry influence is self-evident, is recognized as an outstanding representative figure of Wuyi Rock Tea.

In 2008, Ye Lao was hired as the chief tea consultant by Phoenix Tea, dedicated to the production and research and development of high-end Wuyi Rock Tea Miyunlong, pursuing the high quality essence of Wuyi Rock Tea and insisting on adopting it. The ancient ancient method “traditional charcoal baking process, lychee wood for charcoal materials, after more than 20 hours of roasting for more than 48 hours, the side baked goods, until the high-end Wuyi rock tea Mi Yunlong’s ideal taste, is the quality of Miyunlong products A strong guarantee.

 The preparation of the

Phoenix Tea Industry Wuyi Rock Tea Miyunlong is quality and quantity in quality, and strives for excellence in taste. The Miyunlong produced has the characteristics of sweet, mellow, fragrant and sweet. It has a rich or elegant floral and fruity aroma, and it tastes mellow and extremely It has the unique charm of “rock bone fragrance”. In the 2008 international competition, the company won the only international gold medal in the tea industry, and Miyunlong quickly became a famous national tea brand. In 2012, Miyunlong won the “Golden Bud Award”, which is known as the “Oscar” annual award of the Chinese tea brand.

 The preparation of the

in Wuyishan, Watching the sky for tea, tea for tea, and tea for people make tea a very difficult and full of unknown stimuli. Wuyiyan tea Miyunlong is the product of gathering time and place! At the same time, Phoenix Tea will always bear in mind the beginning of tea making, inheriting the production process of Beiyuan tribute tea, and will also learn from the essence of modern tea art, standardize tea production and processing, and promote its more scientific, healthy and good development for the society. Do a good job of tea and contribute to the development of Chinese tea.