The "Uemo" Phoenix is ​​a driver's service launch: account

"VOO", "Alfabet", "Aircraft" and "Airplane" will begin next month with the world's first airplane ride-hailing service in the suburbs Phoenix to compete with Uber and Lyft. This is accordingly BloombergWhich reflects anonymous sources that are familiar with plans.

The service will be opened by brand new name, whose name is presumed to be closed sealed before formal announcement. The program will start with tens or hundreds of authoritative racers on about a 100 square meter area, likely to perform the Waymo's early driving program of up to 400 volunteer families who have moved more than a year. New users will be added gradually.

Autoblog Vemo asked for a comment. The company said Bloomberg Only a decade-long self-driving technology is working on "security of everything we do".

It is expected that next month, the Chirsker Pacific minibus launches service, and if needed, the use of reserve drivers on some vehicles. Its plan is to slowly introduce drivers for vehicle programs in various metro stations across the United States and gradually expanding. Waymo recently became the first company to obtain permission from California to test the autonomous vehicles without a backup driver in the front seat. It allows the use of three tens of test cars for Silicon Valley, which is supposed to be the future market of the vece, starting with its early driving program and, ultimately, the commercial ride-hailing program.

Waymo is widely viewed in terms of the development of autonomous management technology, according to California data, showing that the GM cruise program, its closest competitor, has largely achieved control over public roads. The company said last month that a 10 million kilometer test was followed after testing of self-governing vehicle vehicles. "Vemo" partnership with FCA, as 62,000 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrids, and Partners have stated that they can use Waymo technology commercially by FCA retailers through the licensing agreement.

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