The White House, California, to discuss the rules of car radiation next week

Regulator on California's Clean Air will hold negotiations on Tuesday, including the Federal colleagues and the White House's efforts to stop Trump's administration in order to halt Sacramento's more stringent car emissions rules than Washington. The video conference will be the first from September 1st to the California Air Resources Council, the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Federal Transport Department.

At the end of last month, California and 19 other countries requested Trump's administration to stop fuel efficiency standards after 2020 and California's strict rules for California. California governor Jerry Brown said at a press conference on October 28 that President Donald Trump demanded a "freeze of American automobile industry".

Acting EPA Administrator Andrew Weiler responded that the federal government is still waiting for an official proposal for California. "This is my hope that we can continue working and achieve one national standard," he said.

The senior administration spokesman said that the White House is expected to have a meeting with California's spokesperson Stanley Ian, but later did not satisfy the comment. EPA representative made a comment at the meeting.

States, including California, New York, Illinois, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, called the Trump administration's proposal "illegal" and "unwise." They promised to complain about the regulator's proposal.

Last month General Motors, Toyota and Volkswagen, a group of large automakers, urged Washington to "set up the future standards that continue to implement environmental and energy goals in realizing market realization".

Automobiles call for compromise throughout the country emissions rules. The most significant changes will soften or improve the Obama epoch's standards, but do not support Trump's frosts, even though the administration claims that the next decade will cost $ 300 billion in regulating costs.

Automobiles want to avoid the large-scale legal battle between Washington and the United States. California has made greenhouse gas emissions priorities reduce and retain the authority to maintain its emissions rules.

Trump's desired plan is to freeze standards by 2026 by 2026, resulting in more than 500,000 barrels per day more than 2030 oil consumption. It would be from California that cars could sell more cars.

The Obama administration has adopted a number of rules that require about 5% increase in fuel efficiency requirements during this period. (Davit Shepardon's report, Davit Grigoryo's edition)

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