The world’s first “Center for Artificial Intelligence Research on Neurological Diseases” was established. The Temple of Heaven will set up a nervous system “human-machine war”.

AI Through deep learning, artificial intelligence technology can grasp the level of top international experts. Your nuclear magnetic, CT imaging and even clinical diagnosis will be done by this nervous system “artificial intelligence” to provide you with the best treatment and prognosis. This idea is no longer the plot in science fiction movies.

The world’s first “Innovative Center for Neurological Disease Artificial Intelligence” was officially established

On December 22nd, the world’s first “Center for Artificial Intelligence Research on Neurological Diseases” Established in Beijing Tiantan Hospital.

The world's first

Initiation ceremony, neurologist, deputy director of the National Center for Neurological Disease Clinical Medical Research, executive vice president of Tiantan Hospital Prof. Wang Yongjun said: The artificial intelligence system currently being researched and developed by the Center for Artificial Intelligence Research of Neurological Diseases is continuously improving the diagnostic efficiency of diseases through deep learning of massive disease information. Diagnostic accuracy can reach over 95%>, equivalent to the level of a senior senior physician.

Wang Yongjun:

“The identification of clinical symptoms, the color change of the image, the change of signal intensity, and the processing of data in the system by the artificial intelligence system Compare with the experience of experts and find the matching point. Thus, through the study of 1000-2000 cases, the artificial intelligence system will reach the basic idea and level of expert treatment.

Currently we are the first phase According to the research results, the artificial intelligence system can realize the nuclear magnetic ability in the image. In the diagnosis of brain tumors, it can reach 99% compliance with Gao Peiyi, director of our hospital neuroimaging center. This level has exceeded all the young doctors in the hospital. It also exceeds all neuroradiologists in the country.”

 The world's first

Basic hospital: Into AI technology= direct introduction of international top experts

neural cells Injuries are irreversible, and therefore, nervous system disease early detection, early diagnosis, early intervention is the key to effective treatment of.

But due to the high complexity of neurological diseases and the difficulty in locating diagnosis, and the poor medical level of many hospitals in China and the lack of senior professional and technical personnel, the rate of misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis is high, and the diagnostic efficiency is low.

The artificial intelligence application has unparalleled superiority in the stages of prevention, diagnosis, prognosis and rehabilitation of neurological diseases.

The world's first

Wang Yongjun said that through this technology, it can better compensate for the imbalance of technology between large hospital experts and grassroots doctors. . The experience of top experts in neuroimaging and neuropathology in China will soon be popularized.

In the future, after accessing the system, the grassroots hospitals are equivalent to directly introducing an expert with international leading technology. The people do not have to squeeze into big cities and large hospitals to obtain high quality and individuality at their doorsteps. The treatment plan, which will greatly ease the problem of expensive medical treatment and expensive medical treatment.

In addition, efficient processing can save patients time to read. Now that the patient is doing a nuclear magnetic field, it takes a day to wait for the report to be completed. In the future, as long as the artificial intelligence technology is embedded in the nuclear magnetic machine, the patient can report the nuclear magnetic moment.

As the technology matures, more artificial intelligence applications will be presented in the future, such as neurological pathology slice artificial intelligence judgment, intelligent care for patients with cranial nerve diseases, and intelligent treatment based on patient medical data. Program, limb and language rehabilitation training for neurological diseases.

Neurosystemic disease diagnosis “Human Wars” will start in June next year Who will win this victory?

What is the current state of the subversive “technical revolution”? According to Wang Yongjun:

The center has developed the MRI and CT image artificial intelligence diagnosis products. It is the world’s first head disease (covering brain tumors, small blood vessel diseases, large blood vessel diseases, The overall application of MRI and CT imaging artificial intelligence diagnosis.

The diagnosis rate of the most common brain tumors in the six human brains has been diagnosed by artificial intelligence technology, and the current diagnostic rate has reached 99%. In the next step, it will be trained to learn cerebrovascular disease. It is expected that the basic diagnosis can also reach the level of brain tumor before and after the Spring Festival.

Next, it will be linked to clinical treatment. By learning the prescriptions and clinical recommendations of the experts for the patients, training TA to become a true artificial intelligence clinical decision maker, can give the primary hospital It is equipped with many “big experts” in Tiantan Hospital.

Accordingly, this technology will be officially launched at the Tiantan International Cerebrovascular Disease Conference held at the end of June next year. At that time, the Temple of Heaven will organize top experts from all over the world, together with all the neurologists in the country, including radiology and pathology doctors, to conduct a “human-machine war” for the diagnosis of neurological diseases to verify the accuracy of artificial intelligence diagnosis.

“I believe that the machine will achieve the first place in the country.” Wang Yongjun predicted.

The world's first

Who is the “teacher” behind the artificial intelligence of the artifact?

There is also a huge database and sample size behind the development of artificial intelligence applications. As one of the three major neurosurgical research centers in the world, Beijing Tiantan Hospital is the only national neurological disease clinic in China. Medical Research Center.

In the newly released Chinese hospital science and technology influence rankings published by the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, the hospital’s neurology and neurosurgery ranked first in the country.

The world's first

The world's first

The hospital receives annual visits from all over the country There are 300,000 patients with intractable diseases in the nervous system, more than 10,000 cases of surgery, and the largest pool of brain disease tissue samples and blood samples in the country.

At the same time, relying on the national research network of the Center for Clinical Medical Research of Nervous System Diseases, it has reached the international leading scientific research level and laid a good foundation for the research and development and deep learning of artificial intelligence.

Technology, through the introduction of the world’s leading deep learning technology, ensures that data collection, identification, and diagnosis are completed quickly in the hospital, without the need to upload medical data, preventing the leakage of patient privacy, and eliminating hospital medical data. Loss of security risk.

The world's first