The Zoologist illustrates how people have changed the evolution of the last century

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Journalist Sarah Otto, along with the British Columbia University, published a report in the journal Royal Society's Works b Human influence on evolution over the last century. He points out that, for such short changes, that is unprecedented.

Human evolutionary development determines the planet's massive changes in the Earth. Humans stopped forests, polluted air, rivers, streams, and oceans. The planet warmed the planet, increased ocean acidity and changed the number of evolutionary history species. In his report, Oto focuses attention on adaptation, encouragement and extinction in recent years.

He notes that the stories are filled with extinction – about 90% of all animals on earth are now extinct. But the fact that he is such an extinction, he notes gradually. What's new is the speed at which the species has been extinct over the last century and only one species is responsible. He once again noted that diversity has changed between species as well as in them, and it is already carried out with intentional effort, such as crossing and improper reactions of human activity. For example, he brought swimmers who are rapidly developing to make short wagons close to the roads to avoid being struck by cars. He writes that people are influenced by areas where animals live and move to distant places and describe human tendencies to hunt some species and kill harmful pests.

The main message of Otto is that we have changed the evolutionary paths of plants and animals so far as we can not. And this leads to questions about whether new equilibrium is if the time comes when all other species will be followed by those who have already gone. He pointed out that no one knows what it offers, perhaps people should try to find it harder.

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