Three-dimensional electrochemical axial lithography on Si Micro and Nanowire Arrays


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The dimension of single crystalline Si micro-and nanocrystalline properties of temperature macroscopic matricescopic materials up to 5 mm is revealed. This technology, called three-dimensional electrochemical axial lithography (3DEAL), enables the design and parallel rigging of hybrid silicon nanorrheal collections of complex metal nano-stamp architects with a flexible and modular approach. Although conventional methods are based on direct replication of the template, our method can be used for nanostructures to perform high quality lithography. This will make the synthesis of the phorozic synthesis of tunable dimensions, which leads to the definition of a well-defined metal shell around the Si lines. The different metals (Au, Ag, Fe and Ni) are composed of controlled sequences, the synthesis of the positions along the height and the wire, both directly and well into the lines. We see the enormous expansion of the Renaine signal for the plasma hotspots created by these tailor-made architectures due to the many golden sands that have been collected by Si nanavas. The uniformity of the method of fabrication is confirmed in the whole range of macroscopic sample on the uniform growth of the signal. This shows the reliability of the methods of engineering plasma fields within three-dimensional.

Support information is free at ACS publications website: DOI: 10.1021 / acs.nanolett.8b03608.

  • Si @ metal Structure Sizes list, additional data for SEM and STEM images, EDX and Raman mapping and FDTD simulation results (PDF)