Tight Rope Walk: Activist at Night for Water Conservation, Repetition of Groundwater

At a session exclusively on the environment and its relationship, India Today Conclave South 2018 discussed two possible sequences between them.

Although Nityanand Jayaraman, a writer and social activist, felt that politicians were not yet ready to tackle the bigger problem in the environment, water conservator Vishvanat Srikanthaya said it was difficult to obtain environmental issues in election manifestos.

“Day politics and day businesses are not ready to listen to the environment. This is not the case if they survive and thrive, "said Jayaraman

Srikantaiah had a greater opinion.

"I think the bigger problem is that the five-year cycle of political mobilization over the long 25-30 years of changing the environment has not been synchronized. Election manifestos anytime soon, ”he said.

Srikanthia added that "there are environmental problems. People know that they are suffering. But they cannot find a solution. And another problem arises."

Asked how the Karnataka Assembly elections were held and how the Belgian Falawan found a place in it, Jayaraman said, "But what caused it?"

The Bengaluru island of Belandure overlooks a nasty, smelly and toxic frog bush that is 10 feet high and flows down the road.

Every year, the lake turns into a sewage tank due to untreated sewage water flowing into it.

However, authorities say they have done everything to resolve the problem.

Is there any way to maintain a tight rope of development while preserving nature?

Musician and activist Amrit Rao says the main solution is to conserve water resources.

Jayaraman said their need was a balance between nature and development processes.

"And of course, nature can do nothing by itself. Anyone who strives for development must take action. I think the underground source plays a big role in this, ”he added.

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