To avoid long distance children need more time to spend

Shortsightedness, or myopia, is a very common view of the problem that can usually be corrected with sunglasses or contact lenses. Myopic people see that everything is clear, but the objects are far, accented or awkward. Despite the fact that the situation does not significantly affect the quality of life (including glasses), it is harmful for people with high frequency distances.

The most important factor is shortsightedness genetics, but new research has revealed more environmental factors that may explain the steep growth of myopia around the world.

Appearance seems to be the child can do to avoid myopia

According to the latest estimates, about 90% of Chinese teenagers and teenagers have shortsightedness. According to a recent survey, the distance from Chinese students has increased by more than 50% of class one and seven.

Genes play an important role in the development of a person. However, the astonishing course with which Miopie affects preschool children is much steep, justified by genetics – the gene simply does not change rapidly.

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Therefore, environmental factors play and new research has been published British Journal of Ophthalmology Both confirmed some of the established factor and also discovered new ones.

London King's College researchers use data from the British-based Twins Early Development Study, Which was involved 1,991 twins Hire a birthday Years From 1994 to 1996 Each individual development, behavior, education and genetics were on the track, which would allow researchers to trace links between the participants and the environment of the participants.

According to the results, the child spent on weekly computer games increased the chance for those who exceed 3%. This can be explained by the screen and the time spent on the internal distance as the sun exposure is critical for the development of good vision. For instance, research by Australian Brien Holden Vision Institute showed that in the summer of Chinese children, the progress of myopia is 40% less when they are more sunlight than in the winter.

Speaking at the King's College Research showed that children born in the summer had almost twice life expectancy. The authors explain that this may be because children will start school earlier.

What a surprise it is that children born as a result of fertility treatment have reduced the risk of 37% of myths in the earth. Another interesting factor identified by the researchers was that all mothers had a higher education education, whose son Miopia had 33%. This latter factor can be a link between interpersonal and intelligence, or that the educated mother may encourage children to learn more difficult questions.

"Myopia prevalence of growth, possibly, from childhood to the environment due to the pressure change, this and other studies kohorebis further guaranteed by the genetic sequence data to continue in the forecast models, which can determine who should be targeted for the treatment of this condition in the future to reduce TV The single, "- the authors.

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