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Why is the threat of the west of the North Atlantic Border Valley slowly gradually relative to the rise of the whale in the south-east?

NOAA fishermen researchers and colleagues looked closely at the question and concluded that the survival of adult women in the population is the most effective way to increase and restore the population. Most of these deaths belong to the fishing system and the collision of the ships. Researches reported The Royal Society of the Royal Society.

"The North Atlantic Rights Margin has increased every year that we see that the number of people is almost double, and their current situation will not be so hard," says Peter Corkeron, the paper and leads the Great Whale research effort to the NOAA fishery "The North Fisheries Science Center.

The North Atlantic right whale, Eubalaena glacialis, is the three species of right whales. From three, he lives in the most industrial habitat and passes near the beach.

From 1970 to 2009, 80 percent of the northern whale of the North North Atlantic (87 87), for which the cause of the man was caused, mainly due to the collision of fishing tools and ships. In comparison, most of the deaths in south death, which were observed, were the first year of calf's calf, and very few were directly involved in human activities.

Disturbing tariffs are one event

"We studied four people from the south-east, south africa and south-west Australia, and the western North Atlantic population, which had a comparative period of time and the minimum number of known songs every year," said Corkeron. "The intensive field research of the North Atlantic Barrier Vineyard began in 1992, so it was the beginning of our comparison."

Researchers compared comparisons with calcium from 1992 to 2016 for each of the four populations. According to this indicator, the North Atlantic rating circulation (about 2% per year) was much less than the south right whale (between 5.3 and 7.2% a year).

Internal Growth Assessment for North Atlantic Right Fields

The researchers immediately viewed this difference in annual growth linked to human damage and death than the ecologically developed growth rates for each population.

They built a population forecasting model for women's north Atlantic right whales who use the highest annual survival assessments that have been identified by recent intensity analysis using photo identification and four years of birth. This resulted in a 4% increase in growth, about twice that of the day.

The results of the model have also shown that the deaths of adult women have been reported to about two-thirds of the difference between the growth and average growth rate.

Other factors

The researchers also studied other factors and differences in the North Atlantic and Southern population. 80% individual North Atlantic right whales, which have long been fishing fishing, have lifetime and 59% have been reconstructed twice or more times.

The energy requirements that are related to the combination are likely to reduce the likelihood that a woman can successfully reproduce. From birth to birth, Christmas is increasing for women who consider restorative periods that are necessary for physical expenses, which may last for months. In comparison, the fishing mechanism does not exist for the south right whale.