Two local civil affairs standards in Xiaogan City passed expert review

Recently, Xiaogan City organized the “Specifications for Nursing Risk Assessment Service for Patients with Mental Disorders in Xiaogan City” and “Specifications for Hospice Care for Xiaonian City Aged Care Organizations”. The Provincial Standardization and Quality Research Institute, the Provincial People’s Hospital, the Wuhan Social Welfare Institute, the Xiaogan City Health Planning Commission, the Xiaogan City Quality Supervision Bureau, the Xiaogan City Quality Association, the Xiaogan City Center Hospital, and the Xiaogan City Rehabilitation Hospital. The criteria were reviewed. After deliberation, the review team agreed that the content of the standard complies with the requirements of relevant national laws, regulations and industrial policies, and has strong forward-looking, scientific, applicability and operability for upgrading the city. The management and service level of the aged care institution is of great significance. The participating experts unanimously passed the review of two standards. After further revision and improvement, it is recommended to report the wholesale distribution according to the procedure.

It is reported that these two standards are widely consulted and recommended by the relevant units on the basis of years of practical experience and standardization pilot construction by the first batch of civil affairs standardization pilot units in the province, Xiaogan City Youfu Hospital. And refer to the relevant countries, industries, local standards to summarize and compile. The introduction of the standard will fill the gap in the technical standards for inpatient care risk assessment of mentally ill patients and hospice care services for the aged care institutions.