DETROIT – one of the autonomous transport cars, about eight months after Arizona Pedestrian wants to kill, Uber wants to cancel testing on public roads.

The company has filled out the application with Pennsylvania Transport Department in Pittsburgh and has a long-term security report that the two reserve drivers in each car and other precautions to secure the safety of the vehicles.

Officials of the company acknowledge that they will return for a long time after restoration of public trust after the accident that took place on March 18 at Arizona, which killed Elean Hertzberg, 49 when he crossed the dark road along the dark road.

Police said Uber's reserve driver Autonomous Volvo jeep was a stream of television show "Voice" on his phone and was looking downward before the accident. The National Transport Security Council said that the autonomous management system Volvo supplies Hertzberg about six seconds prior to hitting, but not stopped because the system used to automatically use the brakes used in potentially dangerous situations was turned off. Volvo's emergency braking system is also off.

"Our goal is to really work for restoration of confidence and work to advance the entire industry," said Noe Zich in an interview. "We think it's right to be open and transparent about what we do."

Considering other precautions, Uber, based in San Francisco, maintains an autonomous car in the system, while Volvo automatic emergency braking system will be used as a backup.

In addition, Uber demands more technical training and expertise at the wheel, the 70-page security report released by the company on Friday.

The report was followed after the company canceled an autonomous car test to study internal security of its security procedures, as well as risk management firm LeClairRyan.

Despite the fact that the report included all the major bases, Uber should continue to be killed by more airspace Hertzberg, said Assistant Professor of South Carolina University Bryant Walker Smith who studies autonomous cars. In extreme omission on Webber, Webber could not take responsibility for the death of Hertzberg – the first, which includes a fully autonomous car.

"I sincerely see Uber from other companies, and I suspect that governments can be," said Valery Smith.

According to Pennsylvania's voluntary autonomous guidelines, the Transportation Department has until November 13 approval or refusal to submit an application or request further questions.

The Pennsylvania law does not allow testing of autonomous vehicles without human auto reserve drivers today. Google's Waymo has already taken passengers in Phoenix area without drivers and General Motors & Cruise Automation expects to next year.

Pittsburgh senior officials can not be legally tested, but they will safely speak with Uber and four other companies which allow autonomous machines, Karina Rix, director of the company's mobile and infrastructure department, said.

For example, the city wants to limit the aircraft car speeds up to 25 miles per hour of urban settings, even if posted speed is higher.

"The lower rates of speed give more time for a car and a security driver to react and avoid a catastrophe," said Rix, who made the negotiations fruitful.

Pittsburgh is the unit of Uber Autonomic Automobile Division, which makes it a logical choice for renewal of robot car tests.

"We are cooperating with the city and senior officials and I'm very willing to go back to the road with the consultation and close partnership with the self-employed regime," says Miriam Chumum, a driving engineer of Uber Self Government.

Later he will review his own airplane cars in Arizona, California and Toronto, Ontario, and his other places. Arizona suspended the company's permit exam after the accident.

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