US 3D printing car company opens 3D printing micro factory

Local Motors, a 3D printing car company based in Arizona, USA, announced the formation of LM Industries Group, a technology-based manufacturer specializing in mobile products, based in San Francisco. Local Motors is a distinctive car manufacturer in the United States, founded in 2008 by founder John Rogers.

Local Motors uses additive manufacturing technology to create the future of the car. From the Strati and the self-driving Olli with the first 3D printing car, Local Motors has achieved great success in 3D printing technology. . Strati is the world’s first 3D printing car. It took only 44 hours to complete and was unveiled in Chicago in 2014. This compact two-seat family car opened a new chapter in the automotive industry. In June 2016, Local Motors teamed up with IBM to create the first self-driving vehicle Olli using the Watson cognitive computing platform. Olli is artificially intelligent. Olli is also a 3D printed car, using 3D printing technology. It takes 10 hours to assemble an Olli, which is four times faster than the previous generation. Local Motors currently provides their experience to other companies through LM Industries.

 US 3D Printing Auto Company opens 3D printing micro factory

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Mass production is a thing of the past, and it is now at the center of the changing era. The current production model is not sustainable, consumers’ psychology changes rapidly, and preferences do not match. The world has grown so fast that traditional manufacturing has kept pace, and LM Industries is working to transform large-scale production into micro-manufacturing to match the pace of new technologies and rapidly change consumer demand.

LM Industrial Company described itself as “the world’s first digital OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)”, plans to apply 3D printing and other technologies to produce and assemble products in small quantities, and hopes that 3D printing will be used. Technology can go from concept to reality within a year. LM Industries will be jointly created as the new parent company of Local Motors and its sister company, Launch Forth. Launch Forth’s design equipment, technology and micro-oils are combined into a modern manufacturing process to build high-quality products that are as scalable as software, regularly And iteratively iterative to accommodate fast-changing consumer preferences.

 US 3D Printing Auto Company opens 3D printing micro factory

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At present, Local Motors is working with the US Marine Corps to develop modular logistics vehicles and unmanned cargo systems. The modular logistics vehicle (MLV) project will lead to the design of new vehicle systems that allow modules to be implemented. Adjustments to improve the maritime experience and its corresponding operations. Similarly, the focus of the unmanned cargo delivery project is to improve the safety and efficiency of the Marine Corps’ cargo across the globe. Delivering supplies on the battlefield can be one of the most routine activities of the Marine Corps. A small unmanned cargo transportation system will save lives and operate on land, in the air, at sea, underwater or even underground. It will be crucial to quickly provide small packages that can seamlessly transport these different terrains.

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Beautiful 3D printing car company opens 3D printing micro factory

Multiple enterprise alliances

LM also works with the insurance company Allianz in a wheelchair and can customize it to suit any activity level or style. The new wheelchair will contain design and accessibility. Allianz partnered with Local Motors to deploy Olli in multiple cities. Jean-Marc Pailhol, Head of Global Market Management and Distribution at Allianz SE, is now on the board of LM Industries to help guide future product development and encourage global strategic partnerships.