Use of Customers in Classrooms

First of all, let me use my electronic devices (mobile phones, tablets, laptop computers, etc.) in my classes. I do not have a direct prohibition (except for exams and tests), but they can not be used in intrusive mode that harms the class. So no phone calls, etc. So far, I have had no problems with changing this policy. Many of my colleagues have the right to prohibit the use of these devices in the class.

Now, a few weeks ago, I came across this paper. They studied the students who used these devices for the nonstandard purposes. They discovered that the destruction of these devices ultimately affects a middle-class class, after which the student received the course (they were psychological courses). Skudal students, on average, scored half-grade, rather than in classes that are prohibited to use these devices with unclassified goals.

But what's surprising is the fact that the students were distributed in the same class as those destroyed students, but they themselves were using these devices in class.

Moreover, when the electronic devices were used in class, the final exams were poor students who did not use electronic devices in class, and for those students who used electronic equipment. This is the first case to consider the results of the next exam in the actual classroom classroom classroom classroom discretion. The effect of classroom destruction in test performance confirms that the laboratory conclusion of the destruction of social effect (Sana et al., 2013).

So the second is smoking.

It is good to say that now I can tell my pupils that when they are used to learning in class, there is evidence that if they use them, their classes may suffer. I could have this paper in the learning management system. However, taking into consideration that other students who do not use these devices in class, I seriously look at my policy and consider the obvious prohibition of unlawful use of these devices during lessons.

If you teach what is your experience?