Video games with fiends with itching hit Twitch

Twitch CEO Emmett Shear at the Annual Web-Conference Technological Conference in AFP talking video games are "a great opportunity"

With seven years of its original incarnation's rebranding, the live stream of video game Tweich is proud of more than a million people who are interested in and growing at any moment.

Today's most "shepherds" are famous people who can get popularity and healthy life from competitive video games, but co-founder Emet Shear says that his lamp returned in 2010 four years earlier, Amazon overtake Julie Tulich 970 million dollars.

"In 2010 I realized that I was able to learn cognition that I saw, all the gaming material," she said.

"(I) loved the shepherds, so I decided we'll start focusing only on gaming, and there was a great opportunity," Shear told AFP.

So Twitch came into existence – the name indicates the player response action time.

Twitch brands, like the global community, create unique, live, unpredictable experiences created by millions of interaction ", from" entertainment to traditional world-class exports, romance marathons, music and art flows ".

In September last year, the platform was blocked in China, but the company gains revenue by 2017, with a total of $ 1.7 billion-54 percent of the gaming content segment of 3.27 billion dollars, according to SuperData's Toy Intelligence Agency.

According to SuperData, the network's giant platform platform is only a 22% market share in 2017 as "YouTube's GVC midfielder (gaming video content) even though Twitch's audience is more active and ready to spend money on" .

"Twitch has already been conceived for video game viewers, unlike other platforms," ​​says Laurent Mokhaid, research director at the IDAT Digital Research Center in France.

Today, approximately 670 million people watch at least one video game on 2017 as streamers shooting zombies, cast spells or construct their own imaginary worlds.

Shear draws parallel to TV.

Twitch, which Amazon acquired in 2014, grew out of, the early 24/7 "lifecasting" channel

"If you understand the TV, you may like cooking, travel, talk show, enjoy everybody who looks at people who are the best in the world …

"I do not think that watching video games is all that is different from watching the grown men kicking the ball around the field or someone to cook the cake."

The audience could take part in comments and emoticons as "play", as well as donations for favorite players.

Shear, who says Twitch wants to underline the budding toy talent, says the platform's main revenue streams – advertising and signatures "privileges" like VIP "badges" and access to special emojis-enable gamers to make money with their content.

Even the vast majority will not fall into the "Fortnite" Legend's Thai "Ninja" Blevins, which recently announced a sports multimedia group ESPN's gaming net of a monthly income with seven figures that run over 12 million Twitch followers.

Since technical quality was the original priority of Twitch, it offers today's view of "small river", which means that they will eventually get more and more income.

In terms of how to do "income", it's very hard to make money that only a few people are working, "says Communications Specialist and" Tvitch "player Milen Lourdale.

"Often this only a bit of cash will give you the opportunity to invest in the material."

But for Shear, "We think it's the most important thing for helping small shepherds to spend the whole time and possibly the possibility of living a living."

He said that the ideal game "allows the audience to interact when there is enough time between the matches in the match or the slowest part of the game to get a chance to get into the audience or better if the game will cooperate with you."

While large ticket events such as the Legends League or Fortnite dominate, so are prone to follow the fringe offerings such as kitchen channels that can emulate South Korea Mokbang or broadcast a "social-eating" trend.

In addition to gambling, but ching down online in front of virtual dining partners helps bring Twitch full circle harking back in the early days of

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