Watch out for climate change, protesters lose control over fake blood from the shoots

LONDON (Reuters) – Climate change protesters in London have faked blood after a group of activists who were planning to remove fake blood from a hose connected to a lane lost control of it and leaked the building to the British Treasury.

Police initially arrested four people at the scene, about 1,800 liters, or about 475 gallons. Subway police on Twitter later released information that said that eight people had been arrested for criminal mischief and seizure of a firearm engine.

The Guardian reports that activists are part of the group Exinction Rebelion, which describes itself as an international movement that uses civil disobedience as a means to "stop mass extinction and minimize the risk of social collapse" from climate change. On Monday, he organizes a march around the world. Automobiles are a major contributor to climate change because of the greenhouse gases they emit into the atmosphere.

Activists have opposed UK investments in companies, which he said would make a major contribution to fossil fuels. They were dressed in funeral attire and mounted a fire truck carrying a banner saying "Stop funding climate death."

"The decisions in this building are geared toward the future," said one of the activists, Mark Oakland. “We fund billions in fossil fuel subsidies and carbon-intensive projects. We just need a review, otherwise we are in serious danger. "

Although a recent Public Chamber report was critical of the British Government's credit agency for investing in fossil fuel projects in low- and middle-income countries, the Treasury defended itself. Guardian.

"The UK is a world leader in climate change, which has reduced its emissions by 42% between 1990 and 2017, with the economy growing by more than two-thirds," the statement said.