What do you need to know about the plastic straw and the environment?

Plastic straw may be small, but they cause adverse effects on our oceans.
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  • Six million straws and climbers will be restored annually from the beach.
  • By 2050, more plastic will be in the oceans than fish.
  • Metal Strawberries are a great alternative that helps to avoid contamination.

Now you're most likely seen in a viral Facebook post sharing how sea turtles are being damaged by plastic. Or maybe depicted scuba divers trying to swim clouds of garbage. It is neither an exaggeration nor something that is magically better. The massive number of planets is in the ocean, but there are ways to solve the roads. Something is as simple as plastic grains can just save the world, and it's a simple way to act.

Although plastic, in general, is the issue of sea creatures, it is a straw that poses the greatest threat to our oceans. According to Strawless Ocean, 500 million in the United States Many molded crushed garbage stones, queued beaches, or wash into drains – all three are likely to end the ocean. According to the information posted on the web site, even on the spare parts of the recycling, the explosion process may most likely be exploded or very light.

That is why people are encouraged to leave the plastic straw.

Straws on the beach are bad – Straws in the ocean is worse.

"Over the past 25 years, more than 6 million straws have been removed from the cleaning activities from the cleaning process, add it to the plastics that are wave-off from the ocean shores or the other planets in the water to destroy the Earth's maritime and marine life," said David Rhodes, Aardvark Straws's Glow ginning of a business manager.

"We see more and more whale traces, because they have swallowed dozens of plastic bags and straw drops, this is a tragic event, but it can be avoided."

But it's not strawberry ships that are a problem, it's water in water. According to popular science, there are five masses of plastic masses in the world. One of them – Havas and California – is the size of Texas. Plastic straws are part of the problem. Plastic is used to create a daily item, usually a strict plastic, which is a small piece but actually does not.

Straws are included in sea turtles & nostrils and can be swallowed in other marine life. They can be mistaken for food with other underwater animals, which results in cuts. There are also penguin stomach cases which are perforated in the bottle.

This problem is nothing new, but this is what affects every generation – who is coming.

As Revelator found, Brother Carter and Olivia Ries is 8 and 7 years old and has already started a nonprofit yet another generation (OMG) awareness raising plastic straw problem. They work on educating people, as well as brands overall

"Our campaign on consciousness," Carter told Revelator. "We believe that education will be faced with any problem, can not solve a problem I do not know when we give presentations, we do not tell the people what they should do – we are not forcing people to change what they do, We want to influence each person to make them more To reassure this issue. "

There are other options.

Start Start Do not write at the meal.
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This is not enough to just use the less straw to use. You should know the problem and the attorney's cause. There are brands that are more easily than ever to leave straws once and for all. Aardvark creates paper straws as an alternative to those hurting sea life. The original paper straw creators give the brand a way to create an ecologically clean, composite, marine degradable straw that is not guaranteed in the ocean.

Reusable straws are an even more effective option to stop the plastic pollution problem. Virtually zero waste items are available from glass, steel and stainless steel and can easily be used for your use. There is a kick-starter for on-the-go, a foldable straw called FinalStraw that comes with its own business and clean.

Or you can use three magic words when you go to a restaurant or drive in the window – "Do not write". Sea creations thank you.

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