What should I do if I find that my child is taking drugs?

Treatment of drugs is a common case in pediatric emergency. In the pediatric emergency department, parents can often see their children rushing into the emergency room, shouting: Doctor, the child ate “a certain medicine”!

And “a certain drug” may be a variety of – adult antihypertensive drugs, anti-epileptic drugs, heart disease medications, vitamins, cough syrup, and possibly even toxic drugs: cockroach drugs , rodenticides, etc.

The author once encountered a case and was impressed: a child of about one year old just walked away, curiosity is strong, likes to put things in his mouth to explore, usually brought by grandma, accidentally mistaken The rodenticide, the grandmother could not tell the difference, did not promptly sent to the hospital, until repeated convulsions were sent to the hospital, did not tell the doctor what to eat after being sent to the hospital.

In the process of treating this patient, the doctor found that the child was difficult to control after repeated convulsions, and it was difficult to explain. After repeated medical history, Grandma told the doctor that the child had misused the rodenticide. I have missed the best treatment time for two or three days.

What should I do if I find a child taking a drug?

The above example is a pity, in fact, the consequences of taking drugs It can be large or small, depending on the type and amount of the drug, whether it is timely and other factors.

So, What should I do if I find that my child has taken the drug by mistake?

First, try to find what medicine your child has eaten and how much he ate, don’t beat the child, and avoid the child’s fear and not tell the truth.

Second, if it is a general drug such as vitamins, cough syrup, etc., You can use your fingers to stimulate your child’s throat and cause your child to vomit to eliminate the drug.

Also let your child eat more water and speed up drug excretion. Observe the mental state of the child. If the spirit is not good, please send it to the hospital in time.

Discover the child's misuse of the drug, what should I do?

Third, if it is a drug with a relatively high side effect, such as hypotension, sedative, prompt vomiting, such as irritating the child’s throat, vomiting The drug should then be sent to a nearby hospital as soon as possible.

Fourth, if it is a toxic drug or if a child has a coma or convulsion, send it to a nearby hospital immediately and have it handled by a doctor.

The fifth, When you go to the hospital, it is best to bring a bottle or instructions for the drug.

In fact, accidental medication can be avoided, as long as you pay attention to the following points:

First, The medicine in the home should be put in place, the lid is tightly closed, put In places where children can’t reach it, don’t put it with drinks or snacks. The medicine is best placed in a fixed medicine box and locked up, and the child is told that it is a drug and cannot be eaten casually.

Second, When you usually take medicine for your child, don’t lie to the child as a candy. You should explain to the child that this is a medicine and it is a cure for the disease.

Discover children What should I do if I take the drug by mistake?

Third, Always tell the child not to eat anything on the floor.

Fourth, the external medicine and oral medicine should be divided into open. I once encountered a confused father who used the calamine lotion for external use as an oral medicine.

The fifth, toxic drugs such as mites and rodenticides in the home should be put away, so that children should not be given access.

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Wang Yanyan, Shenzhen Sixth People’s Hospital (Nanshan The People’s Hospital) is an attending physician who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of pediatric respiratory and digestive diseases. He has extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of short stature and precocious puberty.

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