Which are the best highway routes?

Which are the best travel routes for Electric Car Drivers at 730x487?

Comparison According to a new study by The Market, electric cars have become popular in recent years, with more consumers looking for an eco-friendly way. Fortunately, there are many brilliant countries around the world that make traveling by electric car convenient, with multiple charging stations and stations to ensure that the road never runs out. These are some of the best road travel itineraries for EV customers who aren't frustrated with both sightseeing and scenic areas.

Bergen in Trodheim

Traveling from Bergen to Trondheim in Norway is one of the biggest breaths in Europe and takes 11 hours to complete. This route covers a total of 434 miles, but it offers electric vehicle users 132 charging places, one of the best in Europe in terms of comfort. The actual journey requires just two charges on the average electric car, so you can spend more time admiring the views and highlighting along the road that includes Forde and Fossbergom.

Amsterdam to Maastricht

Amsterdam is one of the most popular cities for leisure travel, but road trips from Amsterdam to Maastricht should not be neglected. This disc is set to look like Utrecht and Hertogenbosch, and it takes two hours to complete 11 minutes. Although the distance between the two locations is only 132 miles and only EV drivers need to stop immediately, they have plenty of options depending on whether you need to cross the route. There are 250 charging places on this route. A great option for road travel is for EV drivers.

Calgary to Vancouver

Calgary in Vancouver covers 604 miles and can be completed in just 10 hours to 30 minutes. The stunning scenery that ensures this route makes for a perfect road trip, especially for an EV driver, as there are 201 charging places on the route. To complete this journey, the average electric car needs three charges. Some of the highlights you won't want to miss on the road include Glacier National Park, Burnaby and Mountain Temple.

Chicago to New Orleans

The route from Chicago to New Orleans may be the longest on this list for 13 hours to 30 minutes, but it is also one of the most spectacular. This American road trip needs four charges from start to finish, but there are 137 possible charging locations to choose from. With 925 miles to go, in addition to two tourist favorites in Chicago and New Orleans, Drive also happens to be Memphis and Mississippi.

Osaka in Tokyo

If you are looking for an electric road trip to Japan, one of the best you can choose is Osaka in Tokyo, which takes about six hours to complete. The distance between these two iconic locations is 307 miles, and although there is only one fee needed, the choice of 250 places to improve is easy to travel. Roadside sights are memorable for road trips, including Kyoto, Kanagawa, and Mount Assam.

Cape Town in Port Elizabeth

Just eight hours' drive from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth to South Africa is an impressive 465 miles. The driver of an electric vehicle needs to repair two stops to fill it, but there are ten charging stations on this particular route to choose from. South Africa's breathtaking scenery creates this EV road trip, including sights such as Mossel Bay, Knysna, Stormsriver, Jeffreys Bay and Swellendam.

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