Why the British love Nissan

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Nissan has been making headlines lately. This is largely due to the fact that last year, as one of the best-selling cars in the UK, there was a question about what happens to the Japanese motorcycle, the next base of the British Brexit.

What happens to your favorite car brand? Here is an overview of the current game situation.

Popular compact SUV

As a country, we love Nissan. In fact, Qashqai, the most popular in January, came in at number three for the best-selling cars so far in 2020, starting this year to thrill the brand. This echoes the success of this model in 2019, which ranked sixth overall in the 2019 best-selling list.

This ranking shows the constant attractiveness of both Qashqai and Nissan. Despite a number of competing compact SUVs trying to enter the market, leaving this model in 2018 has taken the most important place, it seems, for its high driving position and family well-being, this original crossover is definitely the best perceived.

What makes it special

But what about Nissan, do we love it so much? Just as it provides a durable, reliable Qashqai for those motorists who are looking for a comfortable crossover, there is still becoming a true loving micro.

At about age 35, the model is well established as a reliable city car. While the latest generations have moved on to matching other brands of smaller cars, they are taking a bigger place, they retain the ability to move to city centers, albeit with improved kit and maintenance.

It’s not just Mikra who has temporarily moved on. Nissan introduced the Leaf in 2011 and since then, it has become the leading electric model. With the call for a ban on gasoline and diesel in 2035, it is only going to continue the option of moving for those who are switching to electricity.

Brexit effect

It has been reported that Nissan has drawn up emergency plans to suspend production in Europe if Brexit imposes tariffs on car exports. However, this claim was rejected by the brand.

But the UK would benefit from this scenario, as the Micra, which is currently being manufactured in France, would return here to the production line, in addition to the X-Trail also potentially moving to the Sandenild plant.

Sunderland's base itself is impressive. With a capacity of 600,000 vehicles, it is the largest manufacturer of the largest engine in the UK.

What happens next is still unclear, but as the British continue to buy new and used Nissan models, the popularity of makeup will continue for some time to come.

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