Your Ultimate Home Maintenance Checklist

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It's a very human desire to want to renovate our living spaces when we work together to make sure that everything fits into our overall lifestyle. A home with an adjoining property is often one of the most expensive items anyone owns, so proper maintenance is essential. By properly maintaining your home, you will ensure that it is not devalued, you will reduce costly and catastrophic failure, and of course, you will live a simple and stressful life. Making sure your home is fully air-conditioned is not an easy task because there is a lot to do. No matter how dangerous it is, it is still necessary.

Luckily, here's a list of everything you need to go through when inspecting your home:


We start outside and then work inside. First, evaluate the real basics of your home and consider what is happening. Need to make grass? Are Trees in Your Own Sick and Risk of Death? Other issues such as garbage collection will also be prioritized at this stage. If you have large debris, such as old vehicles or scrap metal, consider coming to someone to choose for you. This may seem like a small fix, and in many ways they are, but when it comes to your property, the snow itself has the effect of a snow ball.

The exterior of your home

The first thing you should do is check the complete circle of your home, looking at all aspects from top to bottom. Look for things like the roof on the roof, whether your trail is at the top, as well as the foundation being broken or moved, to see where your house connects to the ground itself.

Your intestines are important things to look at after examining the entire surface of your home. The intestines play an important role in how your home responds to rain. Improperly maintained intestines can cause a pool of water where it should not or even leak, so keep your eyes peeled. At a minimum, the intestines should be cleaned 2-3 times a year.

If there are no major problems with your home, then you can move your home to an old-fashioned scrubber. The goal here is to remove all the onions and onions from the outside of your home to help refresh the overall appearance of your home. Not only this, removing all these unwanted dirt helps to protect your paint and masonry from damage. Washer is not always necessary. Hose, sponge or glue, and some heavy soap for stain cleaning, are generally sufficient for most people. Don't forget to close all your windows!

If you have a deck or pool, take the time to accurately assess its condition and see if there is any preventative maintenance. When it comes to the deck, look for things like shredded trees or nails. Also observe how many rubbish is dumped between each individual pack.

Internal organs of your home

Every home is made up of several vital systems that help move the essential comfort we are accustomed to.

For example, you should carefully monitor all your plumbing, under each pipe, under the sinks, where these pipes will eventually go to both ends. You are looking for water leaks or proof. If you find plenty of water spots on your ceiling, this is a great indicator that there are leaks in the pipes. You can fix many of these DIY items yourself, no plumbing required.

Another massive system in your home that you should consider is the HVAC system. Call a professional technician to do routine maintenance of your entire HVAC system, which you should do at least twice a year. They will evaluate the duct and also the vent cleaning, as well as some of the temperature control features in your home. Ask your technician if there are any parts that will be needed depending on current needs. There are places like that sell these parts directly to consumers, instead of buying your company an HVAC label.

Next, your CO2 detector and smoke alarms are required for proper testing. Make sure they all work correctly, and they have relatively new batteries inside. Generally, it is recommended to replace the batteries for your alarm and detector once a year.

If you live somewhere warm and constantly use your A / C, you should clean the filter at least once a month during high usage periods.

Season-based problems

Depending on which climate you live in, what you need to focus on varies from year to year.

For example, if you are living in a cold winter, you should make sure you disconnect and drain the outside pipes so they do not explode in the spring. Another concern for those who often get cold is that your home should be protected by winter if there is a massive storm that will allow you to easily access the countryside easily. That means you have the materials you need to conserve energy, warm up the way electricity should come, first aid kits, and other items like gas in your snow bubble.

During the summer months, no matter where you are, you need to keep an eye on your soil again. Water your plants consistently and sprinkle the lawn and make sure you trim the weeds every year. Any repairs that need to be done to the exterior of your home are also best done during the summer months.

In your home

The following are the steps you need to take for the interior of your home itself. Normally, home is a lot of bad, but still tasting is necessary. It's all a relatively small check to make sure everything works the way they should.

Go to your baths, kitchens, or other place occupied with water or utilities and make sure the onions are still in good condition. This protects your tiles from water damage. If the tincture begins to waste, simply repair it if needed.

Make sure you and your family are only residents of your home. This means that your home is not an attractive choice for pests such as insects or small rodents. Make sure it is not easy for insects to enter your home, and that there are no discarded foods that do not attract them from the pipe.

Any and all different handles, buttons, or the like should be checked throughout the home. Tighten the screws as necessary to secure all these items securely. Your taps should also be checked, and those in poor condition should be replaced immediately.

Finally, you need to clean your house from top to bottom. Each floor should be carefully closed, all surfaces should be covered, etc. Look for difficult access points that you might miss during regular cleaning, such as individuals in crowded or low-traffic areas. You'll be amazed at what you will find in the more attractive areas of your home, from the massive amount of dust, to maybe even some sweets.


If you do everything on this list, it will be impossible to keep a secret from your home. Probably the most expensive fix for roof or home systems such as plumbing, electrical or HVAC, so these items are given priority over things like leaves. You can make the most of this list, but once you find something that doesn't exist in your comfort zone or knowledge base, you should call a professional. It may be tempting to change routine routine to save some money, but avoiding such a call with a plumber today can mean a much more expensive repair tomorrow.

Responsible homeowner requires a lot of hard work. Nothing is happening with this fact. Nevertheless, knowing that you have done everything in your power to keep your living space in the typical shape will be rewarding in itself. Besides, you really call yourself a master of your domain, even without pretense. This listing should not end in a single day. Ideally it should be covered for 3-7 days so you don't rush into any particular aspect. You may also be able to sleep on some of the problems you find, which may be a much better solution than you originally thought. Either way, good luck in your home maintenance efforts. It's all worth it in the end!

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