Zuckerberg rebuffs at the request of the British Parliament

Zuckerberg rebuffs at the request of the British Parliament

In April 2018, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg returned to Washington to review Haiti's energy and commerce on Capitol Hill in Washington, and according to Facebook, the target of American voters in the 2016 elections and the confidentiality of data. Facebook and other social platforms have been struggling to fight for online misinformation and hate speech over the course of two years. US Intermediate Elections Soon Tuesday, November 6, there are signs that they are doing somewhat, but they are still a long way from winning the war. (AP Photo / Jacqueline Martin, File)

Facebook CEO Marc Zuckerberg denied a request to the International Parliamentary Committee when he focused on questions about fake information.

After the rebellion U.K. The head of the parliamentary media committee, Collins, joined the Canadian colleague with Zuckerberg's pressure as he did before the US Congress. Facebook did not satisfy the so called Before the meeting of the International Grand Committee Committee on Nov. 27, it was not possible for Zuckerberg to be in every parliament.

Collins says the pressure is suspended in Australia, Argentina and Ireland.

He said, "Five parliamentarians now call on you to make 170 million users in those countries they represent."

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